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Onision and rape jokes


Trigger warning: rape

Here’s what I think about Greg and his rape jokes.

First of all, I think it’s possible to make tasteful jokes about anything but in my opinion what determines if a joke is a tasteful joke is at who’s expense the joke is being made. When it comes to Greg and his rape jokes it’s pretty much always at the expense of rape victims. Let me show you what I mean by giving you two examples.



Now answer this question: at who’s expense is he telling these jokes? Yes, rape victims, survivors of rape. The first example is utterly disgusting because not only does he make a mockery out of being raped but he is also blaming the victim for being raped and validates the rapist, giving him/her justification for their behavior and obliterates their guilt. 

These aren’t tasteful jokes in my opinion. This is cheap comedy. Cheap comedy that attacks those who are already attacked because it’s easy and he’s probably not creative enough to come up with something that could actually be productive.

In my opinion, when you joke about serious topics such as crimes like this, if you want to do it tastefully you do it at the expense of those who are in the wrong, not at the expense of those who have suffered a horrible crime. Otherwise you are validating the offender and throwing blame at the victim. Now why would you want to do that? 

There’s a Swedish comedian called Hasse Brontén (also called “Sweden’s happiest comedian”) who’s father had bipolar disorder so he grew up with mental illness in the family. He recently toured around the country with his show called “Bipopular”. The purpose of the show was to talk about what we consider to be “insane” (the “diagnosed insane”) and at the same time highlight all the crazy things going on in society that we for some reason deem as socially accepted (the things that don’t warrant a diagnosis despite being pretty crazy). A main question hanging in the air throughout the show was “who is really the insane one?” Through this show he successfully managed to contribute to an attitude of normalizing mental illness simply by cracking jokes, jokes built upon knowledge. He didn’t attack people with illness for being ill, he questioned the “us vs them” view people tend to have on mentally ill and he cracked jokes at the expense of the attitude people and society as a whole tend to have towards mentally ill. He also managed to make light of a serious illness by playfully joking about some of the stereotypical things people with bipolar disorder can do, without a judgmental attitude. It is perfectly possible to joke about serious topics in a tasteful manner.

Now back to Greg. He likes to say that he is an “anti-rape activist” and things along those lines. In case you want to hear and see that for yourself, here is a video and here’s a post:


I’m not sure what it is he does that would count as activism. All he does is crack jokes at the expense of rape victims, make rape apologetic videos again and again and occasionally (when people call him out as a rape apologist and he needs to redeem himself) make a post or a video saying “rape is bad!”

Since he mentioned dictionary.com, let’s use it to find out what the definition of activism is.

The doctrine or practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals, sometimes by demonstrations, protests, etc.

I’m sorry to burst his bubble but he is not an anti-rape activist. He is pretty actively contributing to a rape apologetic attitude though…

Remember this is just my opinion, I’ve heard jokes about rape that we’re pretty funny and enlightening because they were told at the expense of the offenders or something else rather than the victims. Jokes can be used to encourage and build up people as well as challenge harmful attitudes and so on. Jokes and comedy isn’t my problem, it’s his attempt at comedy and at who’s expense he’s telling these jokes than I don’t agree with.

What really intrigues me is how someone who claims that he finds rape to be worse than murder and that he’d rather die than be raped so easily and mindlessly can put that aside and make a mockery out of what they find to be worse than murder and what they’d rather die than having to experience and how they can make a mockery out of the victims of this crime they find to be worse than murder. How they can turn around and put the blame on the victims they claim to fight for and support by making up excuses for rapists to rape through their victim-blaming jokes,

Are rape victims’ well-being so insignificant and unimportant to him that he’d gladly put them through being reminded of this horrible crime worse than murder, just so he can laugh for a few seconds? Yes. Otherwise he wouldn’t do it. It’s obvious rape victims and their well-being are less important to him than a laugh because he is fully aware that people have asked him time and time again to stop with the rape jokes because of the harm it does. Like these top comments here for example:


That says everything I need to know about his view of humans to make me certain he doesn’t care at all about rape victims. Tell me, how is he a supporter of rape victims? Really, how is he an anti-rape activism? He’s not. He’s the opposite.
These screenshots found their way to my dash before and I saved them because I think they are important.









If you still want to tell rape jokes at the expense of rape victims then I have no respect left for you. That is if I had any respect for you to begin with. Which I don’t. 

Congratulations. You make the world a better place for rapists and a tougher place for survivors. That’s something to put on your resume when your little banana kingdom is done for and you need a job in the real world.



TW: Rape.

So I just watched Onision’s newest Video on his comedy channel - and I want to address this right now: Just because it is Comedy does not mean it is exempt from criticism. I usually avoid Greg’s UhOhBro channel simply because nothing really interests me there. Yes, his humor and skits follows alot of his own psychotic beliefs - and it has been proven that your sense of humor says alot about you as a person…but even then.

I, personally, have no problem with dark jokes or black humor - if it is done tactfully not akin to a slap in the face for shock value. Shock humor is some of the lowest brow humor out there…Though I still enjoy some shock humor. But the biggest thing here is that the Comedians never use comedy as a scapegoat. It’s never a “Just get over it” moment or a “Well if you don’t like it you can leave”. Everything is on the comedian and everything they say, they are held responsible for.

Apparently for Greg, that is the exact opposite. Comedy is an excuse - it’s a scapegoat that he has allowed himself to believe he could use as an excuse because some people are “too sensitive”.

The truth of the matter is; Comedy has always had its genesis in dark subjects - hell I know I’ve told my share of junkie/crack whore jokes…partly because it is shit I’ve had personal experience with. But it is NEVER a scapegoat.

I would also like to point out - before I get to the meat of this post - is that Greg tries to turn it around on other people. Like it is our fault for getting offended or agitated with the bullshit he pulls - this is proof of his abusive behavior. Victim blaming, trying to make his audience feel like they are at fault for being offended - as if they are not good enough for HIS humor. I’ve been trying to think of the best way to put it - but that is it.

Greg manipulates and abuses his audience - the same way that any classic abuser does.

Now for the actual meat of the message: for someone who is do vehemently against Rape, Greg, you do seem to joke about it alot. This is a man who had gone through a painstaking process to write and later film how to not get raped. A man that stares into the camera and DESCRIBES what the emotional side if being raped feels like. A man who will stand and preach about how BAD rape is any day of the week…

Except he dabbles into rape apology himself: Saying it’s okay for a husband to touch his asexual wife in her sleep, that a person can’t be pressured into sex if they have over 20 partners, etc. A man who tries, and fails, to defend himself against rape accusations thay stand against him.

And yet people still defend him? A man who would callously mock the act of rape after making it so blatantly obvious his distaste for it. And then uses comedy as a scapegoat. It is disgusting - and it is people like him that cause special victim crimes to be taken less seriously by a younger generation.

I am in no way saying that just because you hate rape means you can’t joke about it - no, I believe all things should be joked about…but the joke needs to be tasteful. And comedy is in no way exempt of criticism.

This post is getting too long for my to coherently think about it any more. I would also like to say: to the people who say I should ignore what people like Greg say - I refuse to sit back and wait for someone else to handle it. I refuse to be another Bystander.

I may write someone a bit more…In depth about thus later, when I have internet. We’ll see.

Anonymous asked: It seems a lot of people are talking about his videos over self harm. No one wants to address the fact that he puts help hotlines in the video and in the description and how he clearly states that yea, things might suck but cutting is stupid. From someone who struggled with cutting for 4 years, I do think it's stupid. I have food most of the time, shelter, friends, family, a boyfriend who all love me to death. Depression sucks and I get it but he seems to say what I always want to say. It's real

So, depression sucks, but it’s stupid for you to have it if you are well off? I’m sorry, but this makes no sense.

Sure, you could say cutting is stupid. You could say starving yourself or drinking alcohol constantly or over eating only to purge later are stupid acts. Yeah, it does seem stupid.. unless you know the basics of human psychology and realize these are coping mechanisms and addiction related compulsions. You were not stupid for cutting. Something brought you to that point and it was real. No one needs to shame your actions, especially not yourself. 

Ugh.. the phone number thing. So he could say potentially harmful statements if he tells you to get help after? With that logic, I could beat someone up, but it’s ok I left the number for “911” on a piece of paper so I meant well.

littlesparrowlynn asked: This may not be a technical "ask", but whatever. What is really driving me nuts is that Greg and Lainey decided to not publicize their kid, which I sort of get and think is a huge smart move on Lainey's part, but why does he make a conscious effort to film skits in the baby's room, or film skits with baby stuff in the background. It's like he's still trying to publicize the baby in the only way she'll allow him to, and I think that's really shitty.

Anonymous asked: You said in a reply to OD one time that there was a man who pretty much catfished Onision into accepting a nude from a fake 17-year-old, would you mind elaborating? What happened/when did that happen, and how do you know about it? Sorry I've never heard about this before, so I'm kind of curious .-. Hope you don't mind



There was someone who posed as a 17 year old. He made this Facebook post on May 8, 2013.



But there is something he is not telling us.

Here’s what I look like lol

- the email.



Not realizing she had already attached a photo of herself.

- Onision

- NB

Edit: The email was received on May 6 2013.

He asks why haters would send underage pornography as the girl was 17 yet he had sex with two 17 yr old girls.

Anonymous asked: I first started liking Greg when he made videos with Skye. I thought he was funny and the content was better. Like, this one video where they implied their house was haunted. Then as soon as she left, his video's content started to get shit. It's obvious that she had a lot of ideas that were actually funny. She's the reason he got as (positively) popular as he did, then he had to resort to negative tactics to get somewhere.

Anonymous asked: When someone points out to Greg that his views on depression and cutting are hurtful/triggering to them, he retorts with: “Get over it. And look at these messages from people I’ve helped!” Yes. His "tough love" method works on certain people, as everyone's different. Common sense says he has two options: 1. He can give his views that help some and hurt some, or 2. Learn and share methods that are common practice in professional wellness communities, where they almost always help MORE than hurt.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say this because I've actually met Shiloh in my real life and she's a decent person yet onion fans to this day persicute her. She has requested many times to onion to take her videos he still has of her down but onion doesn't listen cause he still wants to profit off of his failed relationships. What's going to happen when him and Taylors' marriage ends? He's just going to profit off his failed relationships and cry and bitch about how he has to pay child support. Onion sucks.

Anonymous asked: Is Lainey actually divorcing Greg or is that a joke and if it is real is the lesbian thing a joke?

It’s a joke.They like to joke about Taylor being a lesbian and leaving Greg for a woman because they are making fun of people that say Taylor is bi. On her old teenspot she said she was bisexual and looking for petite girls. Not 100% sure, but I think she denied it since it was discovered.

People were bringing it up it because he stated in the past something along the lines of all the bisexuals he dated were cheaters and to be weary of them and that girl bisexuals do it as a choice..? Not exact quotes, I could be wrong.

Anonymous asked: Hey what happened to don't stand so closetome? The video doesn't work. He was a huge part of the community and the last I heard of him is that he was tangled up with drama from some other radical anti-o. Could you clear things up please? Why is his site gone?

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I think these links will help.