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Am i the only one that finds it hypocritical that onision uses the argument that “babies were literally designed to consume breast milk” as an argument to shame mothers who choose to formula feed?  If we’re playing that game then couldn’t i argue that  “humans are designed to consume some amount of meat” (based on tooth structure and intestinal composition)  or does that only work when it suits HIS theories…

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Anonymous asked: Please send me the link to the video you posted of laineybot and her friend

It was from her old photobucket. Her username was tayycore or tayyycore if I remember correctly. Idk if it’s still public.

Anonymous asked: I didn't think it was possible but Onions ego has tripled since I last watched him. It's clear the amount of subs he's been getting lately has been an extreme boost.

Anonymous asked: Hey happy 3rd bday on tumblr!! I remember when you were 1 week old! :)

Ahh! Super delayed thank you! Also thanks to everyone else that commented/liked/re-blogged!  :)

Wish we could get real cupcakes!

Let’s accept reality and make up lies and spread stereotypes about religious organizations.

Let’s accept reality and make up lies and spread stereotypes about religious organizations.


This is what you’re teaching your younger viewers? 


This is what you’re teaching your younger viewers? 



Hello anon! I love you too! How was your day? Oh, too much comedy? I hear you. What is this comedy club you are talking about? I definitely didn’t join it…

I’m assuming you are referring to the fact I criticise Greg and you might be one of those people who think that everything coming out of his mouth is a joke and that people who are hurt by him need to “learn to take a joke”. First of all, I don’t really care about his comedy because I think it’s cheaper than my doormat (and I definitely didn’t spend a lot of money on my doormat, even though it’s light blue and a very nice doormat). But still, here’s what i have to say about that:

1) If you are like Greg and people (namely vulnerable individuals with mental illness, minorities in society, rape victims, abuse victims etc) need to be hurt for you to be able to have a laugh then i don’t mind criticising your sense of humor from time to time. Feel free to call me a party pooper, that’s not my kind of party anyway.

2) You must not even know who you are supporting if you think everything that comes out of Greg’s mouth (or keyboard) is a joke. His Speaks channel is filled with videos from the past few years where he very seriously addresses sensitive topics such as rape and abuse (too bad most of what he says is nonsense, such as claiming people who stay with an abusive partner are asking for it, in his video “Choosing Abuse”). His facebook page is more often than not just a huge immature bashing party where he complains like a little child over things as trivial as accents. He’s a more serious guy than you seem to believe. He even takes himself seriously enough to make an entire FAQ addressing his Encyclopedia Dramatica page and making countless videos yelling at his haters that he claims to not give a “fluck” about.

3) If I’m told the “don’t like it? Don’t watch!” argument one more time I’m seriously considering turning off anon because it’s getting ridiculous. Greg isn’t just boring or not entertaining, he causes harm and I don’t like that so I’m going to try and do something about it, as minimal as it may be. If you see a burglar in your neighbors yard, stealing their perennial plants (which is rather stupid, I don’t know why I thought of that… xD it’s almost 3am), and they yell “don’t like it, don’t watch!” does that make sense? It’s not like they’re forcing themselves on you. You chose to look out your window. You can look away, but does that make what they’re doing not happen? Does you ignoring them make their actions hurt your neighbor any less? I know it’s not an identical situation at all (and my example is quite silly), Greg isn’t comitting a crime by telling jokes at the expense of rape victims but it’s the same idea. Just because the pain inflicted is emotional and not material when it comes to Greg, doesn’t mean it’s not harmful. He’s a little speck of dirt on the big scale however I’m a perfectionist and I don’t like specks of dirt.

4) Yelling “it’s comedy” does not rid you of any consequences of your actions and from being criticised. When Greg thinks he is a comedic mastermind for telling his fans “kill yourself” (literally that platonic, with no attempt at comedy at all) does labeling it comedy afterwards mean people are foolish for being hurt by it? I think not. I think people are responsible for their actions and trying to use comedy as a get out of jail free card isn’t going to work in the real world. That barely works in Monopoly.

5) Most of the time I’m not even talking about his comedy at all so what are we even doing here?




"what the fuck does the phrase “we are not slaves, we are not robots, we are banana nation” mean wtf y’all that sounds like something a cult leader would say

oh… wait…”

I see your perfectly good mouth isn’t being properly utilized so I encourage you to go wrap those lips around a big floppy cock. At least then you’ll be making someone’s day better instead of cunting up Tumblr.


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