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starfire612 asked: I don't know if this has been asked yet but, whatever happened to his sister Netunesa?

That was his ex-sister-in-law. I guess she’s livin’ her life.

I do remember she made a couple of comments on her Netunesa twitter earlier this year that seemed to be about what Onision was ranting about at the time. Could be a coincidence. She doesn’t tweet very often. (Unless it’s a fake?)

Anonymous asked: Are you onision in diguise?

Only on Wednesdays.

Anonymous asked: Am I the only one who thinks Gerg is attempting to "weed out" the REALTRUE fans from the "haters" (aka those who disagree with him on even the most minimal of subjects?) It's kind of a frightening notion.

I do think that from time to time. In my mind, it’s more along the lines of weeding out the fans that won’t put up with bullshit from the fans that would take his abuse (degrading them, calling them spoiled brat teenagers, etc) and defend him to to end.

A small part of me thinks he might be trying to scare away the teens to change his demographic so that he could really become an “adult entertainer” and not just say he is.. but that’s a bit silly to me. :p

f-l-o-y-d-the-b-a-r-b-e-r asked: I don't really get this thing with Alex owing Gerg 500$. What happened? Why does he owe him the money?

Lainey liked Alex’s videos on vine. She fan-girl tweeted at him for a while along with the singer of the band Of Mice And Men. At one point she told her followers to get them to tweet her by the morning. (BTW This is how she caught Greg’s attention, through twitter.) Alex followed her and I guess they all hit it off and decided to collab.

Onision bought a plane ticket for Alex to fly to Washington. (I’m pretty sure this is what he does for a lot of out of state people he has made videos with. I guess he would work off the money by making videos.) Not 100% sure, but I think what happened was Alex showed up to the airport and had a panic attack, so he ended up not flying.

He told Onision he’d pay him back, but kept delaying the date he’d supposedly have the money. Onision decided to take the matter public and now that’s what we see.

Annual “let’s bash people mourning the anniversary of 9/11”.

"Others have it worse so who cares" logic continues. 

Teenage fans asking for advice rant from the past couple of days. (& some fan reactions)


Why are people arguing that if people openly express negative feedback towards Greg they should shut up, stop being “butthurt” and go watch someone they like as if they committed some sort of wrongful act? That’s all backwards.
If you and Greg (especially Greg) don’t want to be criticized then I’m sorry but the internet is no place to be. If Greg makes a complete fool of himself, spreads misinformation and slanders everyone he has ever been in contact with, then people who criticise those actions aren’t in the wrong. If Greg is so incapable of handling criticism, the internet is clearly no place for him to be.

Greg, people coming to your Youtube videos and Facebook page criticising your actions and words aren’t coming to your living room shoving criticism in your face. Your Youtube channel is not your personal living room. Now that I mentioned it though, maybe you should get off the internet and stick to making a fool of yourself privately in your living room? Then there would be no criticism and no fangirls contacting you. Problem solved.

The problem is not that people watch Greg’s videos, read his blog or Facebook posts and decide to criticise them. The problem is not that Greg’s fans send him messages. That’s what Youtube is about. That’s what the internet is about. The problem is that Greg thinks he owns the internet and can dictate who speaks his name, watches his videos and contacts him through his public email address etc. That’s not how it works and if he can’t handle that then he is clearly in the wrong place.

  • Onision: *complains about and degrades his teenage fans*
  • Onision: *marries one*


The more I see Greg complaining about fans going to him about their “first world problems”, the more I remember my time on his forums when myself and a few top ranking members collaborated on making a resource list of contact numbers and websites in case they were in trouble and needed help; from suicide hotlines to numbers for rape survivors, runaways and LGBTQ youth.

While I’m sure the forums have changed; it was always nice to see fans come together to show that we’d look out for one another. It’s kind of sad that Greg can’t be as compassionate.

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