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tripleseasss asked: Being an atheist is okay. Being an atheist and shaming religions and spirituality as silly and not real is not okay. Being a Christian is okay. Being homophobic, misogynistic, racist or an otherwise hateful person and blaming it on your religion is not okay. Being a reindeer is okay. Bullying and excluding another reindeer because he has a shiny red nose is not.


Sex: Not a choice.
Race: Not a choice.
Sexual Preference: Not a choice.
Being a reindeer with a red nose: Not a choice.


Don’t want my opinion on how fucking retarded you are for sucking your made-up god’s big invisible cock? GET THE FUCK OFF MY TUMBLR.

If you’re a pussy and you don’t want to get fucked, don’t click on an Onision video.

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Anonymous asked: Would you say that Greg was a sheltered child growing up? Wasn't he raised on a farm...or something?

I’m not sure. There may be some info on his old sites… I do remember he talks a bit about his childhood in his “Onision Memories” video and his "Gregory J Daniel" site (under “A Life’s Story”).

Anyone have any more info?

icedteaaaaaa asked: I am like super confused, maybe I missed something, but I didn't know he was banned from Facebook. When did that happen?

He was suspended. He’ll get it back eventually. This has happened to him before.

You’re not edgy, Greg.









You think you’re so edgy and cool, Greg. You’re no “wild card”. You’re more predictable than my 68-year-old landlord. You repeat the same cycle of asshatery over and over and have done so since day one. It seems you just repeated another round of bashing Christians recently and I assume it wasn’t the last time. Circumcision, religion, mental illness, dietary choices, sexuality and so on - you never come up with anything new, you just repeat what has already been done countless times.

When people tell you to grow up they might be referring to the fact that you are turning 30 next year yet you find joy in hurting kids half your age because they aren’t exactly like you (for example they may be meat eaters, mentally ill, suicidal, self-harming, religious, trans* or obese). You are turning 30 next year and telling kids half your age to kill themselves is your idea of fun.


People get tired of your predictability and repetitive content. Most people who at one point subscribed to you and watched your videos are long gone. Look at your view count. I guess you actually did that though, and resorted to using really misleading titles and thumbnails to attract any attention you can get and I assume a lot of your viewers these days are not even subscribers, but people who have been duped by those misleading thumbnails

There’s nothing edgy, nothing exciting, nothing new, nothing imaginative, nothing rebellious, nothing unpredictable, nothing pioneering, nothing cool, nothing creative, nothing that hasn’t been seen before when it comes to you. The world must be really twisted seen through your eyes if you think you’re somehow rebellious for bashing anything that moves and isn’t you without having even the slightest bit of knowledge to actually support anything you say. If only you could see how much you actually embarrass yourself with your nonsensical arguments. 

You repeat your own history over and over and call it edgy? There’s nothing edgy in that. It’s just blunt and boring. The Onision name isn’t powerful. It’s plain and boring like a bottle of soda gone flat or a forgotten cup of tea that turned cold long ago. 

You say you’re powerful and edgy? Your position in the rankings tell a different story.


Am i the only one that finds it hypocritical that onision uses the argument that “babies were literally designed to consume breast milk” as an argument to shame mothers who choose to formula feed?  If we’re playing that game then couldn’t i argue that  “humans are designed to consume some amount of meat” (based on tooth structure and intestinal composition)  or does that only work when it suits HIS theories…

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Anonymous asked: Please send me the link to the video you posted of laineybot and her friend

It was from her old photobucket. Her username was tayycore or tayyycore if I remember correctly. Idk if it’s still public.

Anonymous asked: I didn't think it was possible but Onions ego has tripled since I last watched him. It's clear the amount of subs he's been getting lately has been an extreme boost.

Anonymous asked: Hey happy 3rd bday on tumblr!! I remember when you were 1 week old! :)

Ahh! Super delayed thank you! Also thanks to everyone else that commented/liked/re-blogged!  :)

Wish we could get real cupcakes!

Let’s accept reality and make up lies and spread stereotypes about religious organizations.

Let’s accept reality and make up lies and spread stereotypes about religious organizations.