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squeak-yognaught asked: Can someone explain to me how Onision is related to Hannah minx disappearing? cause I've heard about this before. I never even knew He and her talked to each other but i wouldn't put it past him doing something insane enough to make her disappear from the face of the earth. I even searched, She was in a horror movie a few years back, and the movie does like tours around the country. since she was in it it's possible she does that for a living.

He isn’t related to the situation. He just made a video about the situation. Some people think he’s exploiting it for views because if he really wanted to know what happened to her there are less public/ non-money making routes he could have taken. They’ve collabed in the past.

ifyoul0veme asked: why does greg change his last name all the time like it was jackson, daniels, and now avaroe, but i can't remember if there have been more... idk it's almost 4 am and i'm reading through every anti-o blog i follow and i was just wondering about it

I always thought that he wanted a new slate. He doesn’t want people to search his name and find things he doesn’t want them to see. No one really knows but him I suppose.

falloutatthehorizon asked: I just thought 'Hey, maybe Onision isn't as bad anymore!' and googled 'onisions baby' because i wanted to maybe see a picture and the first thing I saw was the video from december 2013 where he pretends to drop the baby or something and I feel sick I literally left is this what comedy is now

It is in his mind.

Anonymous asked: Greg has an obsession with honesty and “the truth” to the extent that he’s in denial—ignores any differing opinions, no matter how harmless, and anyone who disagrees with him get ex-communicated and shamed. His sense or morality doesn’t seem to be based on a sound understanding of the world, but rather his feelings. That’s problematic & potentially dangerous. His obsession with marriage is also unsettling. One reason being, serial-dating doesn’t leave time for self introspection, which he needs.

Anonymous asked: Can someone link the video where he's making fun of her stretch marks? Just curious about it and can't seem to find it.

He doesn’t make fun of them. The video is “10 Reasons To Not Cut Yourself”.


"Dear EO, kinda angry, just kinda angry. Fuck Greg, I’m resubmitting this thing because I want all the love.  Give me all you love now or I will be sad :("
-Fan submission.


"Dear EO, kinda angry, just kinda angry. Fuck Greg, I’m resubmitting this thing because I want all the love.  Give me all you love now or I will be sad :("

-Fan submission.

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Anonymous asked: It just pisses me the fuck off that he pretends to be such a loving person yet sexualizes these young girls instead of his wife. On the rare occasions he's shown his real wife in videos its been in a way that shows her stretched post-child stomach. If he really thought so highly of his wife why isn't it her in these videos? Why does he just continue to throw her under the bus and put her in these positions that do NOTHING to help improve her poor self esteem instead of embarrassing her like this


The entire stretch mark video bothered me…


He made it seem like he was a saint for telling the world “yeah, I love her even if she has these.” Like, he deserves a pat on the back. It didn’t come off sweet and loving to me at all.

I got that same vibe as well.

Anonymous asked: In the last kissing photo he tweeted/instagramed, he's kissing her on the cheek while she's taking a bite out of a cookie. Like "we're definitely in love! and she definitely doesn't/ never had and eating disorder!"




People that truly love each other don’t need to prove it as often as these two seem to do… or at all, really.

I mean, I’m just as guilty as any other person when it comes to having lovey dovey photos with my husband… but I don’t post any of them for anyone to see. Why? ‘Cause I’m absolutely confident in my relationship. (and that goes without saying that I’ve come to know that my husband also has onlookers that think he’s a hottie too…) 

Accidentally came across this video the other day. Made the image because I thought it would come in handy. 

^ I think the video was titles “Onision’s Marriage” or something if anyone’s interested.

The amount of kissy pictures they post is a bit over the top. I haven’t even seen that many kissing pics on my facebook. Also, I’m pretty sure he made a video recently that was a kissing picture slideshow? While he thanked what the buck for “being brave and collabing with him”? Idk, saw a video link & description in the tag. Like, he really thinks it infuriates “haters” that they are together or something? I have no idea…

I personally find the whole phenomenon a bit corny. Especially imagining that they have to plan it, fake kiss, someone has to take the selfie, then they check it, keep trying. Idk… 

Anonymous asked: So what is up with onion only getting hot women models as his female collaborators. Anna litchy, Meilyn SayChow and now Madison aka the girl wearing underwear in one of his newer videos. I found a picture of the girl wearing nothing but plastic wrap for goodness sake! No wonder onion pulled her in, does he just look up sexy models that are near him and goes from there? Does lainey just stand back and watch him pick his favorite?

Do you guys think they contact him or he contacts them? Since there is now a pattern I’m starting to think maybe he contacts them. “I have 1 million subscribers. I like your work. Be in my video for free and you will gain many new followers.” Unless he’s been hiring them?

Do they even have a youtube channel?

Also, why is he starting to do all this now? It’s really infuriating to me that he started pulling this shit when his wife was pregnant. Like, did he think “there’s no way she’s leaving me now”. That’s the only idea that came to mind.

Also, the boobs in the thumbnails thing. WTF?

So wait…

I think I missed something. Why did Onision think 4chan was attacking him? The video is gone…


I know about that video where he makes fun of them and says they all play WoW.. I really didn’t know why he made it though. I just saw something about him thinking they sent the police to his house?