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Anonymous asked: Greg claims Shane hangs out with Trisha to get more views when she has far less subscribers. Then says Shane's friend Shanna and Brittani disappeared even though he made videos with them a few weeks ago. Greg goes on to say Shane isn't friends with joenation, but joe had Shane in his bob thunder movie that he just finished filming a few weeks ago. With the amount of time Greg spends making videos on other youtubers you would think he'd do some more research


That would mean he would have to give up living in his fabricated reality where he’s the victim and he is god and everyone else is a meanie poo poo stupid head.

Anonymous asked: I've been reading this blog for such a long time and I don't know if you've posted this but all that onion really does to his "fanbase" and significant others is gaslighting(google it if you dont know it) and it shocks me how he hasnt changed even slightly for the better since i started reading this blog

Anonymous asked: I understand that you opinions differ from Onision's and that you just want people to realize that his videos could have a negative impact on a young viewer. But it is pages like this that gives the /true haters/ (the folks who start rumors and wanted death upon a fetus and all the messed up haters in general) all the more reason to bully Lainey and her baby and also lashing out at Greg and literally hurting him (The hypocritical haters who does not want to leave the couple alone).

The only person that I’ve seen start multiple rumors about Onision is Onision himself. I also have never come across anyone wishing death upon Greg or his family. I can tell you are a Banana because you are feeding into the misconceptions about the Anti-Onision community that Greg himself has been spreading. This is the “hater” community. What you see on my blog is pretty much what’s on every other anti blog, but others are more personalized and more opinionated. We are not scary. :p This is as crazy as it gets. 

Anonymous asked: you spelt greg wrong in the faq

baaatgurl asked: Hiya, do you if it's possible to block onision's pre-roll ads when using the YouTube app? Seeing his face gives me a rash

I don’t think so. D: sorry

Anonymous asked: What's sad is they listen to him because he's a skinny, average-looking white male. How much would his opinions matter if he was a fat, ugly black female? And I'm not being racist/discriminatory by saying black/chubby people are ugly, (cont.)

"But because he’s a majority, people are more willing to listen to him. His fans look at him and they’re like, "OMG, he’s hawt! He’s flawed" without realizing how damaging his words are. If he was a female/minority Youtuber, the hate would be doubled."

Anonymous asked: It does seem as if they have a new house. I have to wonder if that is why lainey is suddenly in the videos. I can actually hear greg "we can get a nicer house if you're in the videos". I just hope this isn't his way of working towards some sort of vlogs in the future.

Anonymous asked: I wish there was another debate, BUT I'd like to see straight forward questions, citing his own words, and letting him totally incriminate himself... instead of constantly back-pedalling. For example: "You stated that if someone is born a certain sex their gender is the same as their sex, until they get a sex change, regardless of the gender they identify with. Please elaborate." AND "You've said depression is a choice, though this is a very different view within the medical world?" etc.

Anonymous asked: One of the things ( and there are many ) that bug me about Onision is how young he tries to appear in his photos. Dude is my age and he tries to look like a damn cute 18 year old boy ( gag ). Kind of strange how his photos comes off as wanting to fit into his wife's ( maybe even his fans) age group. If you go through his photos you'll see how he tries to manipulate his appearance to match that of his current relationships. He needs to get that filter shit off his almost 30 year old self.

cityofwut asked: Snails are just slugs with backpacks....





Things you do not do with backpacks:
1. Hide inside them when in danger.
2. Drag them around with you literally everywhere.

Things you do not do with shells:
1. Put books/school supplies etc in them.
2. Take them off when you get home from school.
3. Write “Team Edward” on them in perminanent marker.
4. Grab them by the (non-existent) straps and swing them at people when you want them to get away from you.
5. Buy them from Target or K-Mart.


Never heard of a metaphor, eh?

He’s a “comedian” that can’t take a simple, harmless joke. Wow.

Seriously. It seems like maybe a fan just wanted to get him to maybe smile? He didn’t even have to publish this ask! Depending on where someone could take that joke, they could turn it into something cute/silly! It’s way more harmless than 99.999999% of his little sayings. 

Had he made this joke himself it probably would have ended with “I AM A PANDA AND WANNA STICK MY DICK IN SNAILS! COMEDY GUISE. WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING?! GET OUT OF THE COMEDY CLUB!”