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On Twitter, Greg posted about a book he wrote. He jokes that it won’t be published for ten years.

My question is, how can a person who hasn’t read a book since high school actually write a good book?

There are so many benefits to reading books. One advantage is learning new…

Wasn’t he writing a book back when his older sites were up? I could be wrong but I remember in a screen cap he said he didn’t read but he had some book title up claiming it was his (probably was a WIP too). His vocabulary has never been big but he has a way of stretching his sentences.

You can see all of his “literature” here. His main “book” was ConOnsen, which is available on that page. He even made it his favorite book on his myspace profile.

Anonymous asked: that's why it's taking 10 years to publish it. it has to be edited so much. i wonder what it's about? how to manipulate people to your liking and abuse them?


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Pfff, I am intrigued as to what kinda book he’s trying to publish. To actually get it through to a decent publisher, he needs and editor and I’m sure that a typical editor would flag a lot of what he’s supposedly written and make him rewrite it. And I say this as someone who has had to edit people’s papers and stories and, honestly, it’s something I wanna do as a profession, aside from writing :p

Unless… he’ll prob’ly just push his book out on Amazon and prob’ly wont even make that much from it. There’s a lot of shitty fiction books on Amazon, sadly…

It’s finally happening! lol

Thank god those “millions” of Sicescan followers waiting so long for their book! Only 10 more years!

On a more serious note, my guess is that it’s an “Onision’s Life Lessons/Philosophy” book. Judging from his past fiction stories, he’s not a very good story creator. OR it could be an “Onision’s Life Story: I’m The Victim” book.

From: Why Onision is Wrong


Once again, Onision reminds everyone just how incredibly idiotic, sexist & misogynistic he really is. In his recent video, he tries to prove that he really doesn’t just see women as inferior sexual objects who have no other purpose than to attract men & have children. In an attempt to demonstrate just how non-sexist, progressive & sensitive he is, he list the following traits as proof of why he views women as superior 1.) they can have children. 2) their ‘hot’ 3) they have nicer voices & 4) they lactate, thereby nourishing their offspring. No where does he mention, their intelligence/intellect, contributions to science, politics (I firmly believe there’d be a lot less war if we had more women in office) & medicine etc.,.
The sad part is, this is Greg trying to sound non-sexist/misogynistic & he can’t even fake it. One only needs to look at his videos to see how often he sexualizes women, both by the images he uses & what he says. Men like Greg are the very reason young girls grow up thinking that their looks & sexuality are more important than their intellect & personality.

That reminds me of this:


It really rubbed me the wrong way, but I didn’t really know what to say at the time so I kept it in my drafts. When I saw the words “She reminds me of Lainey…” I thought I was going to get some meaningful insight on what traits this character possesses that he loves about his wife.. but all I got was that she reminds him of her because she loves her husband and is dedicated to him? Eh. Then there’s stable/reasonable, which is most likely in comparison to his “crazy” exes (and the characters on the show no shit :p )

I watched this show like 8 yeas ago in middle school so I had to google the character, but she see seems to be a bright ex-FBI agent that had a solo investigation and figured everything out? That’s pretty cool, he could have compared her intelligence or something. Idk.. all I know is I’d be pretty offended if my significant other said a really cool character reminded them of me only because they love their fiance and they’re not crazy. Like, they only see my worth as how much I am in love with/dedicated to them and in comparison to their past relationships. 


Don’t like it, don’t watch it is a rather simplistic slogan from those who don’t understand (though it’s not like the world’s best kept secret or anything) that people aren’t concerned only with the effect his ignorant spouting has on their own self, but also to impressionable teenagers who also lack education (a byproduct of their inexperience, no fault of their own) to understand the nuance and complexity of certain issues.

The fact that hordes of teenagers who lack experience, education and have not fully developed their reasoning faculties (Hopefully you all will go to college because generally high school doesn’t teach you that) agree with him should give you pause.

Shaming people may cause some people to change, but it will cause others to self-loathe and others to rebel. It isn’t because these people are that concerned about what Onision’s beliefs are but because they think his beliefs reflect society at large and, more importantly, the beliefs of people near and dear to him.

What’s worse is they aren’t necessarily wrong. People are this ignorant. I’ve heard people say similar things. One even said mental illness is all in one’s head. Think about that for a second. Not one glimmer of recognition of the irony. That’s how stupid and ignorant some people are. Because only other organs can be broken but the brain can’t.

Most people can be educated but he clearly is an exception. He’s not concerned with what’s right/correct, he’s ONLY concerned with BEING RIGHT and those are two very different things. He reminds me a lot of holocaust deniers/climate change deniers/etc who hold onto their irrational beliefs despite being shown overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

This isn’t a virtue to be extolled. It isn’t “keeping it real” or whatever cute catchphrase they use now to excuse shitty behavior. Not accepting responsibility for what you say or what you do is the height of immaturity.

So much more to say, but I doubt any of you read this far anyway. I don’t blame you, though. I don’t read the blocks of text, either.

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But how come Sam Pepper and Alex Day and a ton of other people are being brought to justice, but the internet is still turning a blind eye to Onision. He’s a fucking huge sexual predator and is literally the most problematic train wreck I’ve ever encountered.

Thank you! Like he makes jokes about sexual assault on the daily. Satire or not that’s super not ok

It can’t even be considered satire, really. Telling people that their partners are entitled to their bodies, or being drunk is automatic consent, or having sex with a certain number of people means you can no longer feel pressured into sex, or making a joke about going to prison and being “butt-raped” IS NOT A THOUGHT-PROVOKING SOCIAL COMMENTARY. He can call it whatever he wants, but Onision does not deal in satire. He deals in cheap laughs for people who don’t have critical thinking skills.


I clicked on this video thinking it would be a nice video of someone who i’ve admired for years.

This was not that.

This is bullying, this is slander, of a girl who was 17 AT THE TIME THESE PICTURES WERE TAKEN. You gonna make fun of me too, asshole? Why not make fun of every teenage girl who likes to dye their hair and wear makeup?? You are a piece of shit, you, a grown ass man, are slandering the name of a girl who liked to post videos on the internet because she had viewers who cared about her, because it was fun. If this is what she had to deal with, no wonder she deleted her channel. I’m so angry no one talked about this piece of shit, this was uploaded MONTHS ago, and im just now seeing it. I am reporting this video to be taken down, and i encourage everyone to do the same. Stop pieces of shit like this from tearing young girls down for liking stuff that makes them happy.

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Sad part is, he used to be her friend..

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Just done trying to explain my thoughts. Do I agree with everything onision say? No. But if people could take a joke then they wouldn’t get so worked up. Me and a friend of mine were making rape jokes earlier, does it mean that im ok with rape and think it is something funny? No. My sister was raped. But it is a joke…so don’t get all pissy when I say that I respect onision..just tryin to justify my self. Love you all

The thing is, with any kind of “offensive” humour, it’s how it’s done. Rape jokes at the expense of the rapist - ie; that show the rapist to be the scum he/she is while making a funny punchline - is different from rape jokes at the expense of the victim. Jokes about depression, where the joke is aimed at the depression itself rather than the person suffering from the depression.

In some cases people who have suffered rape or go through depression or any of these shit things in life, having jokes about rapists, how annoying depression is, etc can be a part of helping to deal with it, or if the person themself chooses via self-deprecating humour to make themself the butt of the joke. But with subjects like this you do not make the person who has or is suffering the butt of the joke!

Especially when it’s to a wide audience you have no knowledge of, what they’re going through, how they might react. You might just be able to get away with it between very close friends who trust each other and know no harm is meant, but not indescriminately to people you’ve never met.

Onision - the butt of his “jokes” are always the victims. And they’re not even really jokes because there’s no wider commentary: It amounts to basically just pointing and laughing “Ha ha you got raped!” “Ha ha, you suck because you have depression, ha ha!” That’s not a joke, that’s just something you might hear in a school playground made even more obnoxious due to it coming from an almost 30 year old man, unless that is the joke?

Essentially there’s very rarely any intelligence or wit in his “humour”, which is why his offensive “jokes” aren’t offensive jokes, they’re just hate-speech. But if you enjoy it, fine, enjoy it by all means. Just try to understand the reasons why some people will not enjoy it and will speak out about it. I mean I do think people these days (especially on tumblr) are way too easily offended over little things. But with subjects like rape and mental health it is based on understandable and valid reasons.

Also, just gonna leave this here because it brings up a very important point about how rape jokes can be dangerous


Don’t forget about this:



On Twitter, Greg posted about a book he wrote. He jokes that it won’t be published for ten years.

My question is, how can a person who hasn’t read a book since high school actually write a good book?

There are so many benefits to reading books. One advantage is learning new vocabulary words in an appropriate context. Greg has misused words many times throughout the years, both in his videos and his blog posts.

I wouldn’t eat food cooked by someone who didn’t eat. I wouldn’t listen to music by someone who didn’t listen to music. I wouldn’t read a book by someone who didn’t read books for years.




When I hear about people hating on onision, I used to get worked up. Then I was watching as onision was saying “from the bottom of my heart I….” about joking about robin Williams, and I was like! What are you doing dont give in to thesee people dont apologize! And then he didn’t. He said he wasn’t going to apologize. I respect you Greg. Have a wonderful day you beautiful people of the internet

So you respect someone who cannot acknowledge that what he says and does is wrong, and refuses to take any kind of responsibility for the horrible things he does? You respect someone who cannot show the slightest bit of humility and acknowledge that there may be things he has done to hurt people, and that he will try to better himself to avoid making the same mistakes again?

Well then, you’ve completely killed all ‘bananas’ arguments about him being a person who simply makes ‘mistakes’ - not that that argument had much of a leg to stand on in the first place - by acknowledging that his repeated behavior cannot be classified as a mistake if he is knowingly continuing the behavior and ignoring any and all of the consequences. Thank you. Thank you for putting that nail on the coffin of an already dumb argument in defense of this low-life piece of shit scum bag.

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