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Anonymous asked: I wish there was another debate, BUT I'd like to see straight forward questions, citing his own words, and letting him totally incriminate himself... instead of constantly back-pedalling. For example: "You stated that if someone is born a certain sex their gender is the same as their sex, until they get a sex change, regardless of the gender they identify with. Please elaborate." AND "You've said depression is a choice, though this is a very different view within the medical world?" etc.

Anonymous asked: One of the things ( and there are many ) that bug me about Onision is how young he tries to appear in his photos. Dude is my age and he tries to look like a damn cute 18 year old boy ( gag ). Kind of strange how his photos comes off as wanting to fit into his wife's ( maybe even his fans) age group. If you go through his photos you'll see how he tries to manipulate his appearance to match that of his current relationships. He needs to get that filter shit off his almost 30 year old self.

cityofwut asked: Snails are just slugs with backpacks....





Things you do not do with backpacks:
1. Hide inside them when in danger.
2. Drag them around with you literally everywhere.

Things you do not do with shells:
1. Put books/school supplies etc in them.
2. Take them off when you get home from school.
3. Write “Team Edward” on them in perminanent marker.
4. Grab them by the (non-existent) straps and swing them at people when you want them to get away from you.
5. Buy them from Target or K-Mart.


Never heard of a metaphor, eh?

He’s a “comedian” that can’t take a simple, harmless joke. Wow.

Seriously. It seems like maybe a fan just wanted to get him to maybe smile? He didn’t even have to publish this ask! Depending on where someone could take that joke, they could turn it into something cute/silly! It’s way more harmless than 99.999999% of his little sayings. 

Had he made this joke himself it probably would have ended with “I AM A PANDA AND WANNA STICK MY DICK IN SNAILS! COMEDY GUISE. WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING?! GET OUT OF THE COMEDY CLUB!”

Back when the internet was barely a thing…



A bit of a random post but I found it a little amusing when Greg said in one of his self-harm videos that he was depressed at 14 but he “didn’t upload it to the internet!”.

Greg… You’re talking about 1999. The internet was barely a thing when you were 14.

This was back when the purpose of a cell phone still was to make calls. If you were lucky enough to have a cell phone it probably looked something like this:


Oh yes, that little game there (yes it’s a game) was the Angry Birds of the late 90s, more correctly called Snake.

If you listened to music and wanted to carry it with you, you’d have to carry your Discman around (along with all the Cd’s you wanted to play, I know this one played in mine):

If you were one of the lucky ones who had internet at home, you’d have to access it through one of these loud, obnoxious dial-up modems. Not only was it slow, but internet was expensive as heck back then. Even if you would’ve self-harmed and wanted to upload it to the internet it would take you so long and cost so much that I doubt you’d be allowed to be on there long enough to actually succeed.


Back then you played Nintendo 64 with your neighbors, today kids play video games with their friends on the other side of the planet, most likely speaking English fairly good at age 14 (if you’re from a country where English isn’t already your first language).

The closest thing you would have to a microphone and recording equipment back in the 90s was most likely a Talkboy
If you wanted any sort of information you didn’t have, the library was literally your Google.

If you had a favorite show on TV you had to wait an entire week for the next episode (unless it was a sitcom, then you’d have to record episodes you would miss on VHS).


Now, this is the story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air"…

I was 9 in 1999 by the way. 

My point: Greg, you can’t compare your situation at 14 with today’s youth, and I address this only because you do it a lot (“I was depressed at 14 but I didn’t do this or that or act like this or that”, and so on). You’re twice as old as the people you’re referring to and society has changed drastically. Growing up in today’s society is extremely far from what it was like when you grew up in the late 80’s and in the 90’s especially due to the technological advancements. To give young kids (who some are at least half your age) the kind of advice you try to give them, and to comment on their behavior (especially their behavior online, since they grew up with the internet being a central part of their everyday life while for you, the internet had to be conjoined with the life you were already living) requires an understanding of their world as it is, which you seem to lack sometimes. Luckily though, with those same technological advancements we also have the accessibility of all kinds of information, and learning has never been easier. I think you should perhaps read a thing or two about growing up in today’s society as well as about mental health among today’s youth because you grew up in a world very different from theirs. Sometimes when you compare yourself at 14 with kids today at 14 you might as well be speaking of two different worlds.

Today’s youth have the world at their finger tips, you had a Tamagotchi. 

im so impressed with every post you make , you are so informative and you back up and credit your sources,its awesome! wish i was a quality blog like that lol

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Yet another instance where Gurg simply cannot answer a direct question with a direct answer. This after yesterday he couldn’t take a harmless and simple joke about snails and backpacks.

Fucking pathetic. Why do people still support such an obvious scumbag?

Dude, he probably honestly doesn’t even know any of their songs and was too lazy to just type their name in somewhere. 

You know his stupid ass jumped on the BVB train because their fanbase is also younger. So talking about Andy/BVB = views! Teenagers are click machines.

edit: because yay I type well at 3:30a.m!

Greg’s newest video


So I just watched “We’re Fake & Are Using You" from Onision, and boy do I have to say that this very telling of not only how he views his fans, but also how he views other YouTuber who are more popular then him. Youtubers who, and still are, in the top 100 of Youtube’s most subscribed listings.

However, I have to say, most the people he showed were SKIT channels - of course the people in comedy skits won’t appear as real people on Camera. Smosh is literally described as a “a web-based comedy duo”. Shawn is described as “YouTube actor, comedian, musician, and video maker”. So the fact they aren’t “real people” in this context, is because they are comedians that present their comedy via skits. Something you do, Greg. Didn’t you saw that you wouldn’t have met your wonderful Wife if you hadn’t kissed Shawn?

Not everything is as manipulative and inconsistent as you, Greg. And as you seem to fail to understand, the reason these people say they love their fans is because it is because of their fans they have managed to live the life they do - and they genuinely enjoy the shit they do.

The fact he says he does videos on subjects that he doesn’t enjoy only shows to me that he is using his fans for the money. That he doesn’t give a shit about them or anyone else unless they boost his own ego. Yet his cowlicking fans slurp up every word he says because he speaks the truth. 

He even admits that he is a CHARACTER, despite boosting about how he is a real and true person and that every other youtuber is a character in some way or another. Maybe that’s true, but the people I watch are not ignorant nor selfish bumble fucks who talk on subjects they know nothing about. People like Thunderf00t or Halloween4545 are actual people - are they characters in some respect? 

We’re all characters in some respect.
We all act differently depending on what we are doing or the group of people we are around. Some people we are more reserved, some people we are more reserved - that is normal human psychology. But to say that all Youtubers are characters and never actually have friendships with each other is to say people like Team Awesome. Markipliar’s group of friends or Cryoatic’s group of friends are all using each other instead of enjoying each other’s company.

Buh, I’m not going to ramble any longer here. Just got to say that the Jealousy is so thick with you Greg. 

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You know where this is going… 

(^^^ Onision’s new video “We’re Fake and Using You” and commentary.

I totally thought it was going to just be a minecraft video, but it has Onision’s latest ramblings as well. 2 birds one stone) 

I had to watch this like 3 times… I think Onision is broken. He’s tired of being fake and is projecting his frustrations onto popular youtubers he’s jealous of. There’s so many things to say.. idk…

So in this video Onision admitted:

  • He does not like what he talks about. He just talks about these topics because he makes money off of them.
  • He has fake relationships with YouTubers because they’re popular.
  • He kissed Shane for views (no shit)
  • He’s a character, not a real person created to attract his viewers attention.
  • He cries on camera to make his viewers buy what he’s selling. 
  • He thinks his viewers are “idiot suckers” that fall for it over and over again.

It’s weird because in the video he keeps criticizing people for specific things they have done with (in his mind) different motives, but then always admits to doing those things himself..? 

I refuse to thank my fans for my success as when I fail to entertain them they abandon me. You’re all here for yourselves & that’s it.

Would I be successful without you? Let’s find out, unsubscribe.

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Anonymous asked: It sickens me that people can watch the Onision video "The Truth" & still defend Greg & put all the blame on Shiloh. The girl is a desperate emotional wreck at that point & instead of being considerate for just one damn minute he's acting like a cold hearted self-interested manipulative bastard, & using it for sympathy. It's annoying because I know that if the roles were reversed & it was Greg crying & his gf acting like a cold bitch he would still milk it for sympathy & be the "wronged" party.




-fan submission

Seriously. Look at how he treated AJ after she yelled at him for whining because she didn’t want to cuddle 24/7

No matter what, because he’s the narrator of the videos people subscribe to view, he is always the person his fans will want to coddle and declare is the victim in a situation. He can do no wrong.

It’s kind of sickening that he would take advantage of Shiloh throughout the relationship, depict her as the crazy one He couldn’t possibly the catalyst for why she’s “crazy,” no, she’s just crazy because that’s who she is. Never mind that most people who develop any kind of issue, mentally, suffer from some sort of external force - like a series of events of abuse.

His fans literally do not care for the truth, they care for the story of a man they find attractive. Nothing more, nothing less.

Didn’t someone recently dig up a post (I think it was the ‘Hater FAQ’) where Onision stated that his ex-wife had a breakdown and couldn’t record? Either he has a habit of going after people who are already a little unstable, or prolonged exposure to him is not mentally healthy. And in all these cases he’s made the ex-partner out to be the abusive one. I get the impression he’s the kind to push and push and push until someone snaps, then he can sit back and play the victim at how “irrational” they’re behaving. (Because, as has been demonstrated in his self harm videos, cause-&-effect does not exist in Onision World).