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Greg, it came to my knowledge that you have started conducting weird polls on your onision.net site so I decided to look it up. One of the first questions you asked your fans in those recent polls was how old they are:


Once again, it is confirmed that your active fan base clearly is underage, by their own words, just like this poll also showed:



With that in mind, you clearly know how old (or how young) your active fan base is and in that the fans who are voting in your polls. 

With all those things in mind, and the fact we all also know that you are a man soon to hit his 30s, I wonder why it is that a guy who’ll hit 30 next year has such an interest in the sexual activities of underage (mostly female) fans who look up to him and even idolize him? Why are you so interested in the sex life (or lack of one) of young, underage girls around half your age?

Things like these are what I’m talking about:



These polls were made a few days ago but it isn’t the first time Greg has taken an inappropriate interest in the sex life (or, again, the lack of one) of his underage fans, as you can see below.


You’re a grown man, Greg, you’re not supposed to be interested in the virginity of your underage fans! Why are you?

It really disgusts me. Many of those people are young vulnerable girls who look up to him and for him to take advantage of that is honestly alarming in my eyes, especially with his history. 

And there’s even more -__-’ I don’t think there’s anything wrong with talking about sex however his videos or posts addressing sex aren’t educational or even factually correct but mostly just a bunch of misinformation as well as weird and questionable motives. What I mean is that the fact he is so interested (almost obsessed) with the sexuality or sexual interests/experiences of minors (which he himself confirmed in his very first poll post on onision.net where he asked for the age of his active fan base who once again affirmed that they are indeed mostly minors) is really disturbing considering he has a history of initiating relationships with minors and is even married to someone who was underage when their relationship started.







Why is a soon to be 30-year-old man with a history of initiating relationships with minors displaying such a consistent and constant interest in his underage fans’ sexual experiences, sexual interests and such things? I see no appropriate way to justify his obsessive interest in minors and sex. 

Message to the Anti-O’s:


I want to ‘research’ what happened between Shiloh and Greg because I saw a few videos and there were still lots of question marks that popped up in my head so if someone wants to explain in either a small post message or just send me a link to I dunno.. Something that explains things a bit better. I’d appreciate it very much. x

I got your back. Here are the basics:

  • Shiloh saw him on Tosh.0 and found his channels. She send him an email asking for advice about her ex. (She was 17)
  • Less than a month later they meet up and had sex in a state where it’s legal, a few days after he handed Skye the phony divorce agreement I believe. 
  • He divorces and they move into an apartment together.. somewhere.
  • He eventually announces her on YouTube.
  • She turns 18, so it’s now legal in Washington so they move back to his house.
  • Things are fine for a bit. They make videos together and get tattoos together (He gets “Remember Love”, she gets “Gregory”) lovey dovey.
  • Shit starts to hit the fan with the video Shiloh Forgot Me. Causes controversy.
  • Then he releases the video Shiloh Threatened Me where he’s hiding in a hotel from her. No one knows what the fuck he’s talking about so he releases The Truth. More backlash. They are separated at this point. 
  • While separated he dates Adrienne and supposedly a 23 year old famous youtuber. Shiloh claims to be pregnant, wasn’t. Picture of a tiny premature baby somehow shows up on her Facebook with “RIP”. 
  • Get back together and she moves back in. 
  • Delayed backlash from premature photo hits.
  • She becomes pregnant for real, but unfortunately miscarries. She gets some kind of infection from the fetus not passing and needs to go to the hospital in Canada. They thought it was Sepsis and made a big deal out of it. More backlash.
  • While separated, they were on and off dating. Eventually she changes her relationship status to in a relationship with another guy and by the time Greg finds out he realizes she cheated on him for a week or so. He never talks to her again, but talks about her a lot.

The End

(All the video I linked are mirrors.)

Probably missed some stuff, but that’s off the top of my head. Hope that helped. 

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starfire612 asked: I don't know if this has been asked yet but, whatever happened to his sister Netunesa?

That was his ex-sister-in-law. I guess she’s livin’ her life.

I do remember she made a couple of comments on her Netunesa twitter earlier this year that seemed to be about what Onision was ranting about at the time. Could be a coincidence. She doesn’t tweet very often. (Unless it’s a fake?)

Anonymous asked: Are you onision in diguise?

Only on Wednesdays.

Anonymous asked: Am I the only one who thinks Gerg is attempting to "weed out" the REALTRUE fans from the "haters" (aka those who disagree with him on even the most minimal of subjects?) It's kind of a frightening notion.

I do think that from time to time. In my mind, it’s more along the lines of weeding out the fans that won’t put up with bullshit from the fans that would take his abuse (degrading them, calling them spoiled brat teenagers, etc) and defend him to to end.

A small part of me thinks he might be trying to scare away the teens to change his demographic so that he could really become an “adult entertainer” and not just say he is.. but that’s a bit silly to me. :p

f-l-o-y-d-the-b-a-r-b-e-r asked: I don't really get this thing with Alex owing Gerg 500$. What happened? Why does he owe him the money?

Lainey liked Alex’s videos on vine. She fan-girl tweeted at him for a while along with the singer of the band Of Mice And Men. At one point she told her followers to get them to tweet her by the morning. (BTW This is how she caught Greg’s attention, through twitter.) Alex followed her and I guess they all hit it off and decided to collab.

Onision bought a plane ticket for Alex to fly to Washington. (I’m pretty sure this is what he does for a lot of out of state people he has made videos with. I guess he would work off the money by making videos.) Not 100% sure, but I think what happened was Alex showed up to the airport and had a panic attack, so he ended up not flying.

He told Onision he’d pay him back, but kept delaying the date he’d supposedly have the money. Onision decided to take the matter public and now that’s what we see.

Annual “let’s bash people mourning the anniversary of 9/11”.

"Others have it worse so who cares" logic continues. 

Teenage fans asking for advice rant from the past couple of days. (& some fan reactions)


Why are people arguing that if people openly express negative feedback towards Greg they should shut up, stop being “butthurt” and go watch someone they like as if they committed some sort of wrongful act? That’s all backwards.
If you and Greg (especially Greg) don’t want to be criticized then I’m sorry but the internet is no place to be. If Greg makes a complete fool of himself, spreads misinformation and slanders everyone he has ever been in contact with, then people who criticise those actions aren’t in the wrong. If Greg is so incapable of handling criticism, the internet is clearly no place for him to be.

Greg, people coming to your Youtube videos and Facebook page criticising your actions and words aren’t coming to your living room shoving criticism in your face. Your Youtube channel is not your personal living room. Now that I mentioned it though, maybe you should get off the internet and stick to making a fool of yourself privately in your living room? Then there would be no criticism and no fangirls contacting you. Problem solved.

The problem is not that people watch Greg’s videos, read his blog or Facebook posts and decide to criticise them. The problem is not that Greg’s fans send him messages. That’s what Youtube is about. That’s what the internet is about. The problem is that Greg thinks he owns the internet and can dictate who speaks his name, watches his videos and contacts him through his public email address etc. That’s not how it works and if he can’t handle that then he is clearly in the wrong place.