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yall remember that youtuber “onision” ? he just made a video saying that “blackface isn’t offensive because it’s a “”joke”“” comparing this portrayal of whiteface which comes with no societal setbacks 


to blackface 


which i mean comes with no historical context, antiblack setbacks and doesn’t aid to global systematic racial oppression of black people :)


why do mediocre whites think they can get away with everything?

literally just saw this and got pissed all the way off i think ima have to clap back and make a video this is ridiculous

milesjai and reverseracist, Aside from his recent video, there’s also, this video of him using black face and here. Also is racist toward Asian in that previous link (though I don’t have video sources for his racism toward Asians and I apologize). Though here’s more racism and him comparing alimony to slavery.

While I know that he’s not the only one, he’s a pretty big offender in generally in regards to racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, slut shaming, body shaming, rape apologetic, mental illness shaming, and more. Here are receipts. We need to do our best to call EVERY entertainer out there who acts in an egregious manor.

Pretty much Onision's whole career

  • Onision: *Makes sexist jokes*
  • Onision: *Makes racist jokes*
  • Onision: *Makes homophobic jokes*
  • People: That's really not funny.
  • Onision: Omg it's offensive comedy!! Don't listen to my jokes if you can't handle them! Nothing is off limits for comedy! You're so butthurt!
  • People: *Make jokes about the fact he is a white, uneducated adult man that dates underage girls*
  • Onision: That's not funny...age is just a number...I am totally a teen when I have a filter on my photos...LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDARIES! *Makes a hundred posts defending his right to be creepy*

Greg’s (Onision) Utter Ignorance


Whether it’s regarding sexual assault/abuse, gender issues, self-injurious behaviour or any other complicated (or even mildly complicated) topic, Greg continually demonstrates his utter ignorance through his obviously uneducated/uninformed opinions. His latest example is related to the controversy over Shane Dawson’s ‘black face’ video. In an attempt to defend Shane & explain why painting his face black shouldn’t offend anyone, he compared it to a black comedian painting his face white. What Greg doesn’t realize/understand (because of his lack of education & general ignorance) is the history & racist overtones of the ‘black face’ character. In the early days of film, ‘black face’ characters were extremely offensive, cruel & racist, which is why a black comedian painting his face white to portray a white person is not a relevant comparison because of what ‘black face’ symbolizes to black men & women. I’m not saying Shane had intentionally tried to offend anyone, just that Greg’s argument in defence of Shane’s video, once again illustrates Greg’s ignorance & lack of understanding/education. Greg needs to stick to making ‘comedy’ videos & taking selfies for his teen fangirls and leave matters like this to educated, informed & rational adults.

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My videos come with warning labels, if you still watch them despite being warned, you can only blame yourself for getting offended. If the oven’s hot, don’t touch it.


You are just so fucking ignorant, how the fuck do you live?

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marbleslab22 asked: You Said that onision had a strip story in one of your posts. Do you have a link to that?



I can’t find the video, actually. I hope it’s not deleted. I’ve gotten a few asks about this, so I’ll explain as best I can from memory.

There was a story going around that someone from his military past came forward and said he was kicked out because he went crazy and yelled at a higher ranking member (I do not know air force terms, or the actual position of the person) and took all his clothes off in front of them. I was a bit iffy on believing the story, until Onision uploaded a speaks video saying he once took his clothing off when he was having a fight with someone because he wanted to show them deep down their both just human, which is a ridiculous explanation. If you are so angry that you take your clothes off, I doubt symbolism is running through your mind. A theory that has been around is that that was his way of getting out of the military so that he can start his YouTube career.

Greg goes into detail about the incident at 12:14 in this video.

Thank you! I’ve never seen this before. (Direct Video)

terrychuu asked: can you sum up what happened between gerg and skye? the only thing i know about it is the divorce? but why did they divorce? :/

I made this blog after the divorce, so I wasn’t really around for it all, but I’ll tell you what I can remember. 

According to his old sites, they met in high school. He spotted her in the hallway and liked her “aura” so he kept talking to he even though she wanted nothing to do with him. They became friends and married in 2005, according to this picture I see on google every once in a while:

I HEARD that he got her to secretly marry him through the court system when she turned 18 behind her parent’s backs, just like Lainey, but I don’t know where this information came from. He would have been about 20 in ‘05, I have no idea how old she was.

I heard she gave up her college to be with him when he was in the military (He was stationed in Korea). According to the divorce documents, when he got out, she worked and supported both of them when he stayed at home and built his YouTube channel. When it became successful, she quit and worked for the channels full time at home. 

They divorced in late 2010. According to him, they have been talking about divorce for a year, according to her statement in the divorce documents, it was completely out of the blue. He says in live chats he left her because she was depressed and, you know, when your significant other becomes ill you leave them, duh. 

The first trinkle of drama was his “Bitter Divorce” video. He came home and discovered she and her sister had gone into his house and took her stuff. He was upset she took things like the tv and the playstation. He said he would take legal action, but we never heard anything about it, most likely because it’s normal for divorcing couples to split their belongings, one doesn’t get to keep it all lol.

He gave her a ridiculous handwritten divorce agreement to sign. She went to court and got a better, more fitting agreement. He is upset and says she stole from him because she did get a lot of money out of it. The reason for this is because she helped him build the “Onision” brand and he would continue to make money off of videos they made together, even when she was gone. This is all in the documents. 

When he was in a break up with Shiloh, he began expressing regret for divorcing Skye on his social media. They had a short friendship, until he started dating Shiloh again. 

Later, Skye made her own YouTube channel for her own skits. She was met with hordes of Bananas threatening her because of all the videos and statuses Onision had made about Skye stealing from him and even hinting he would kill himself if she didn’t stop the alimony checks. She kept publicly asking him to stop talking about her, but he never did. She left her accounts and now lives a private life. The only negative thing I could find that she said about him was that she suffered mental abuse:

I went through almost a year of heavy counseling to get over the mental abuse I suffered. I had situational depression / PTSD from all that occurred. This is also in court documents. I take the opinion of a professional counselor over people who know nothing of my situation or life any day. It was a dark time, but I have evolved, realized a lot, and have grown so much.

Anonymous asked: do you think onion would stoop so low as to go on the dr phil show

He did try to get himself and an ex onto Judge Judy. He was really excited about it actually. He also tried to get himself and The Amazing Atheist to fight on the Steve Wilkos show. So, no.. I don’t think he would consider any TV appearances as “too low”.

I would want a ticket to be in the audience if he was ever on the Dr. Phil show though. :p That would be awesome. I watched an episode yesterday about a 28 year old divorced man that was engaged to a 17 year old girl. I had this weird deja vu feeling… hmm…

"It’s Comedy"

People are unhealthy if they speak out against something they find offensive apparently… I didn’t even read the rest. I’m so done today lol


Comedy should not be taken seriously (common sense), the number 1 purpose of it is to make you laugh. If you can’t enjoy it, just walk away.

Lucky us! He posted his video to tumblr so that we won’t give him YouTube views! Enjoy.. I guess :p

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