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Anonymous asked: When someone points out to Greg that his views on depression and cutting are hurtful/triggering to them, he retorts with: “Get over it. And look at these messages from people I’ve helped!” Yes. His "tough love" method works on certain people, as everyone's different. Common sense says he has two options: 1. He can give his views that help some and hurt some, or 2. Learn and share methods that are common practice in professional wellness communities, where they almost always help MORE than hurt.

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say this because I've actually met Shiloh in my real life and she's a decent person yet onion fans to this day persicute her. She has requested many times to onion to take her videos he still has of her down but onion doesn't listen cause he still wants to profit off of his failed relationships. What's going to happen when him and Taylors' marriage ends? He's just going to profit off his failed relationships and cry and bitch about how he has to pay child support. Onion sucks.

Anonymous asked: Is Lainey actually divorcing Greg or is that a joke and if it is real is the lesbian thing a joke?

It’s a joke.They like to joke about Taylor being a lesbian and leaving Greg for a woman because they are making fun of people that say Taylor is bi. On her old teenspot she said she was bisexual and looking for petite girls. Not 100% sure, but I think she denied it since it was discovered.

People were bringing it up it because he stated in the past something along the lines of all the bisexuals he dated were cheaters and to be weary of them and that girl bisexuals do it as a choice..? Not exact quotes, I could be wrong.

Anonymous asked: Hey what happened to don't stand so closetome? The video doesn't work. He was a huge part of the community and the last I heard of him is that he was tangled up with drama from some other radical anti-o. Could you clear things up please? Why is his site gone?

I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I think these links will help.



Anonymous asked: What's the deal with onision and Lainey posting photos of them doing stuff all the time but without their child? I mean, I thought they'd be a bit more enthusiastic about being parents :/

They decided not to put their child on the internet due to potential hate and death threats the child was supposedly receiving before it was born.

Anonymous asked: I absolutely DO NOT CONDONE what onion says about self harming being pathetic and not a real problem and how he makes fun of people who do it. As a recovering self harmer I'm personally offended by that. But just throwing this out there, is it possible that any of the little 12 year old bananas who self harmed may have stopped because he was saying it was stupid? Like in a VERY twisted way, because they idolize him they wouldn't want to do something he thinks is dumb? I don't know just a thought

TW: Self Harm

Well, people self harm for different reasons. Many young people self harm for reason other than mental illness or stress such as attention or to experiment or to seem cool and edgy. I knew a handful of cutters in high school and middle school. Most of which seemed to use cutting to get some kind of outcome and not as a coping mechanism, as far as I could tell. I knew a girl that did it to keep her ex from moving on. Cutting only to text him about it right after. I had another girl come up to me in gym class to show off her cuts (more like scratches), even though I’d never had a conversation with her before. I’m guessing it was because I was one of the kids that wore black and she might have thought it was some kind of initiation into some kind of “emo club” or something. By the end of the day she showed every alternative dresser in our grade and was reported to the school counselor. The last weird memory I have was when I went to a girl’s house and her new “scene kid” friends showed up. They sat in a circle on the floor and bragged about their scarred up arms. They exchanged stories about how their mom almost caught them and tried to top each other on the deepest they ever cut. It was like listening to high school football players brag about how much they lifted that week. (Not stereotyping, the football players in my classes were very much into lifting. lol)

I can see how an “Onision wake up call” could potentially help people like that. Especially if they were already fans and they felt they his opinions are insightful.


I do not believe it’s worth it. The potential damage he is causing to viewers who self harm as a coping mechanism due to mental illness or severe stress should not be ignored because of the few he “saved”. In my opinion, I believe experimenting or attention seeking teens are not in as much potential danger as a mentally ill cutter.

I got a little carried away, but yeah.

That’s okay, Gerg, I can play ball with your own words, not a problem. It’s not like you’re a LAIR, right?



"But, there are two sides to every story. She can say one thing, Onision can say another. But neither of us know the whole truth of exactly what happened that day, right?"

1. People are saying my ex accused me of rape, this never happened. The only time my ex mentioned me and rape in the same instance, was to state that I never raped her. I say again, she specifically stated it never happened.

2. Some time ago she wrote a letter to the public about how she perceived various social interactions in our relationship, MONTHS AFTER releasing this letter she wrote me personally saying the following:

IMAGE LINK 1 (so you can read it):

She clearly apologizes repeatedly for how she handled things with me, and I apologize for being immature at times.

IMAGE LINK 2 (so you can read it):


Along with her repeatedly apologizing, she clearly tells me that she is moving to where I live, that she is seeking my friendship & she gives me her phone number.

Common sense points out the obvious: Someone who seeks the friendship of an ex/tells them they’re moving close by/gives them their phone number is obviously not on bad terms with them… and in this case is on such good terms with them that they are interested in hanging out with them/being friends.

I left our conversation at that, as I had no interest in being her friend or talking to her further.

Point is, I realize a lot of people are desperate to convince others I’m some kind of criminal, but the reality is, I’m simply not.

I did accidentally hit a deer once with my car. I did accidentally cause the death of my turtle by not poking holes in a container I put him in outside. It was stupid to forget to poke those holes, it was stupid to not look out for deer on the road. You all can call me a monster for the deer and turtle all you like, they were both likely my fault & I accept the blame for it… but this whole thing with my ex of more than two years ago?

It was silly that these rumors started, and it remains silly to this day. Rapists hide behind lawyers while honest people speak the truth & prove there is nothing to hide.

That’s all.

OMFG, this is hilarious. This is the letter that you CONTINUE to take out of context because you’re a fuck. Gerg, nice try, but you ain’t winning. You keep dragging her, as well as your other exes, who have told stories of your sexual aggressiveness in bed and the fact that you demand sex daily is disgusting. You are beneath me.

Gerg, you’re still lying about raping AJ. Rapists (and criminals in general) are wont to do such. She DID admit, though not initially, to being raped. I mean, if you want her admitting to that she was raped, look at this link and you’ll see.


Okay, so, while his ex, AJ, doesn’t outright say that she was raped in her original letter (which was meant to be a private conversation between the two of them, if I recall, and I’m assuming that he leaked it), she said no, he continued, and she gave in because he was so persistent, which will be shown below. In legal standards, he absolutely raped her. He even says that at least 90% of what she said was true without refuting it in his really creepy voicemails. He even proceeds to lie and say she had a smelly vag and later retracted it and went ahead and try to slander her character without actually making a rebuttal or trying to come up with a different story of what happened that night. And you might want to check out this letter, too, from AJ.

If you’re still curious, someone else made post entitled "The whole story behind the rape allegations against Greg" and this ask.

It doesn’t matter if AJ said that she just felt pressured into having sex (which, technically and legally, coercion and persuasion are considered rape since rape isn’t just forcefully having sex with someone against their will. It also means that, if you don’t get a clear, concise, enthusiastic yes, it’s a no and if you continue, guess fucking what? Congrats, it’s rape! You win nothing! Go straight to jail!) because it’s still rape in the eyes of the law.

This is proof that he raped someone. Straight up, the fact that this happened is disgusting:

We drove back to his hotel room, we walk in the door, I set down my bag  and instantaneously he starts making out with me. He immediately starts  taking off articles of my clothing, and we had only been there for not  even 30 seconds. He gets me on the bed, still kissing me and touching me  — between his kisses was me going “nononononono”, and him kissing me  harder to shut me up. I finally pull away long enough to remind him that  he said we were supposed to wait a month, and that maybe we should get  to know each other in person a day or two before we jump into having  sex. He asks me “Why?” as he continues kissing me. Eventually I realized  I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it.

Because, once you say no, your partner should absolutely stop. No if, ands, or buts about it. The fact that he continues is legally considered rape.

Then he goes on to be really creepy, as the following:

During sex, he’s looking me in the eye, petting my hair, and asking  me if I want him to cum in me. I told him only if we can get Plan B in  the morning. He looks at me with these disappointed and frustrated eyes,  and says “Don’t you want to be pregnant with my child? Come on, let’s  make babies together!”, I told him absolutely not. And he still came in  me anyway. Luckily for me, he’s not that big of a creeper that he  refused to get me Plan B the next morning.

Basically the first 2 days of him being in Austin was him repeatedly  trying to have sex with me, cutting off everything I was saying to ask  me a sexual question or to make a sexual innuendo. It got to the point  that we got into an argument about it, because it was legitimately  starting to hurt my feelings. For some reason or another, he would take  me being frustrated and argumentative as a sexual challenge, and would  pin me to the bed and basically try to fuck me (or, as he says, “make  love”) into submission. It became pointless to try and fight it, so I  let him do whatever he wanted — which resulted in him cumming in me  countless times after the Plan B had worn off. With him citing: “If you  get pregnant, I will immediately marry you and will step up as the role  of the father for our child”. What a turn on.

This was all against her wishes. This was all essentially forced upon her. Tell me that this isn’t proof enough that he forced her to have sex against her will.

And, as an addition, Gerg likes to take all of what AJ said (via their back and forth in emails and some blog posts and things of that nature) out of context and like to twist her words and make it seem like she apologized for everything when that isn’t the case. AJ only apologized for any mud slinging on her part but stands by everything else. Taking only Gerg’s word on this at face value is being intellectually dishonest and being biased, which is, quite honestly, not a good thing.

If need be, I can take down these and edit out the name.








And here he is, still trying to say that she obviously couldn’t have been raped because they were talking about sex before hand and obviously couldn’t have been raped because of the amount of partners she had prior to their relationship. I mean, it’s common sense that, once you start talking about pervy things, you have to oblige, right? I mean, it’s not like that’s rape, even if they tell you no numerous times… Right?


Anonymous asked: did you ever even watch onision's videos or do you just hate him because you have nothing better to do?


You don’t give me many options, anon. Either I watched his videos or I hate him because I have nothing to do, according to you. I can’t say I identify with either one of those options, so let me tell you how it is for me.

First of all, are you the same anon who has been flooding my inbox? It’s fine if you are though, I just thought it might have been more convenient to put all your insults in one message ^.~

Now to your question, let me take you back to 2010/2011. I’ve never followed his main channel or the UhOhBro channel but back then I would watch Greg’s Speaks channel now and then (also a little now and then in 2012 and forward). I wasn’t subscribed because I wasn’t interested in staying updated with all his videos, I just watched them now and then. This was when his ex wife and him were still married, and also during the process of them divorcing and him getting into his next relationships. I was never a fan, not even close, I never actually liked him. I just found it a bit interesting to watch his Speaks videos because I thought it was astounding how a guy of his age (back then I guess he was 24/25/26) could be so ignorant on so many topics. Back then he did a lot of videos on vegetarianism and a lot of aggressive videos against meat eaters. I’m a vegetarian myself (well I was, at the moment I’m a pescetarian) but I really didn’t care for those videos, I thought his method of getting his point across was stupid and quite frankly I thought his points were stupid too a lot of the time (comparing meat eaters to cannibals and so on).

He would make really ignorant videos like saying evolution is racist, that the “soul controls our brain”, that it’s shallow-minded to think men with long hair are feminine “especially considering you just called Jesus Christ feminine”, that if you don’t want to be around someone 24/7 “you are likely not in love with them”, that if you’re a meat eater who likes pork you might as well be a cannibal because you would "like human flesh" and are a "borderline cannibal" who is highly likely to eat human flesh and so on. I thought those videos were harmless because they were so outrageous that it might as well have been satire. Even though he was completely serious, I found those videos to be quite hilarious. He made videos about self-harm and mental illness back then too but they were generally not as toxic and harmful as they are now now.

His views on eating disorders were horribly ignorant though, and they still are, acting as if it is some sort of a choice. I also remember he used to make videos about smoking, saying smokers who struggle with stopping are “weak”. He would say an addiction is only in your head, whereas the reality of it is that it has physiological effects too, that makes it hard to just chose to stop just like that. He has always been so utterly utterly ignorant. (I have a very specific memory by the way, if I’ve seen a video I most likely won’t forget it so if anyone needs help with finding a specific video from way back, I quite likely will have it stored in my memory, if I’ve seen it, so I could maybe help with that). Back then I just saw him as an ignorant and uneducated guy with a lot of opinions on things he knew nothing about. He didn’t have a very big audience back then so I didn’t think his ignorant views were so harmless back then.

He would occasionally give quite half-decent advice now and then but most of the time he still had a victim-blaming attitude back then too. I specifically remember his video “Choosing Abuse" where he said it seemed to him that people who stay with an abuser or something along those lines, asked for it.

It seemed to me that as his need for attention grew and as other Youtubers that at one point had been on his level in terms of subscribers and views started passing him and reaching another level of “fame” he became more and more desperate and look at him now. He is pathetic. Back in 2010 there were still things I could respect to an extent when it came to his character. He said using the female body in degrading manners to get views was something he wouldn’t do. He would criticize people using the word fag as an insult. Now I know that those words meant nothing, because when he got to a point where crossing the lines he had put up meant he would get the attention he’s so desperate for, he’d cross those lines in the blink of an eye.

He was never a good guy because when he didn’t get enough views from acting like a good guy, he had no problem dropping that act and go to any lengths to get attention, even if doing so was at the cost of the mentally ill, the overweight, the underweight, trans*, gay or bi, women, men, rape victims, abuse victims, his exes, other youtubers, previous friends, victims of bullying and so on. 

To conclude this post and answer your question, yes I’ve watched his videos. I’ve not seen many main channel videos to be honest (as well as UhOhBro videos), I generally only watch a main channel video if I see it’s being talked about a lot and I find I could have something to add in response to the specific video (for example if it’s about mental illness). Also, his main channel videos and UhOhBro tend to be comedy videos which I have no interest in. I still watch his Speaks channel these days, if only very occasionally. If I think he has made a harmful video, I’ll watch it and write a post about it if I feel it would be a good idea.

When people criticize Greg he usually says something like “why are you watching me if you don’t like me?” and indicates we should only watch the people that entertain us, if not we most likely don’t have a life. As for me, I don’t watch youtubers to be entertained. I watch what interests me. The channels I’m subscribed to are either documentary channels, science or psychology related channels or smaller independent news channels. I’m definitely not subscribed to him but occasionally I watch Greg since I find his ignorance and mean-spirited nature interesting and I find I can do something good in contrast to his damaging views. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. It means I generally look for something else than entertainment from Youtube. Youtube is an amazing place to find entertainment, but that isn’t it’s sole purpose. 

I don’t hate Greg. I’ve never hated him. I think he is pathetic and sometimes I feel bad for him. I pity him. You know in the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the movie), in the duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic where at the end of that scene Harry says to Voldemort that:

You’re the weak one. And you’ll never know love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.

That’s kind of how I feel about Greg (lol). He has a warped view of what love is and with the way he treats his friends I don’t think he’ll never know what friendship truly is, unless he changes. And for that, I pity him.

So no… I don’t hate him because I do have better things to do.



i remember when i used to watch this guys videos on rape and how it “wasnt funny” and was “never the victims fault” and “was worse than murder to him”

this guy is an absolute piece of fucking garbage and i dont give a shit about your “OMG!!! ITS COMEDY!!!! CALM DOWN!!!! BANANA POWER!!!!!” because shit like this shouldnt be joked about especially when you supposedly think so lowly of sexual assault and think its worse than murder

never hated this ignorant piece of shit more

That’s a good point. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anyone so eager to make a mockery out of what they supposedly find to be “worse than murder”, which he says in this video and this video for example (in case anyone wants to hear it for themselves). He also says frequently that he’d “rather die than be raped” (in this video for example).

It’s odd how he can consider himself such a supporter of rape victims yet have them be reminded of what most likely was the worst experience in their life, just so he can have a laugh for a few seconds. It’s just utterly appalling and to me it doesn’t matter that it’s comedy and that he thinks it can’t be criticized, the fact he makes these kind of jokes so mindlessly is all I’ll ever need to know to come to the conclusion that he’s no supporter of rape victims. He is a supporter of his own significance and it seems he will say or do almost anything to stay significant, regardless of in what light people will see him.

He values a laugh at the expense of rape victims higher than for him to actually make a tiny effort and show that he is indeed a supporter of rape victims. He’s self-centered and immature. I think he is worse than he has ever been and yet he still keeps rushing downhill. 

How people can think he is a good guy is beyond me and will most likely always stay there.

saygoodnight141 asked: Alright I don't know how long ago you posted that one very long thing about Onision but i would just like to say that all of his videos are JOKES. You don't understand that he isn't serious about these things. Thanks.


Don’t worry, I’ve made a lot of long posts in regards to Greg.

All his videos aren’t jokes. Let’s use his Speaks channel as an example.

On the Onision Speaks channel, Onision discusses vegetarianism, drug-free lifestyles, domestic issues & life in general.

If you’re an Onision fan and want to get to know Onision a little better, this is a great place to start.

This is his about section on his Speaks channel. I know these days he’s changed the format of his videos and he may incorporate some comedy in his videos but I do generally believe the Speaks channel definitely reflects his views on things. The type of comedy he uses in his Speaks videos is mostly that he mocks whatever he’s talking about but even though he conveys his message a bit differently from before I definitely think his videos on that channel reflect his actual views. He is still making videos giving people advice, even if the format is different, and his advice is still awful.

However, most of the videos I use for reference are older Speaks videos, where he definitely still used that channel to discuss topics in a serious matter. Such as his video A Horrible Rebound or Boring In Bed. The latter one is an example of how people would send him questions and he’d give answers or advice. 

The first video I mentioned is a video where he basically slanders his ex for 15 minutes. Videos like this on his Speaks channel are everywhere, just like the serious advice videos. 

I don’t know what the point is with your ask though. If you just wanted to tell me that all of Greg’s videos are jokes, then I’m sorry to correct you like this but you’re wrong.

If your point was to simply tell me I “don’t understand that he isn’t serious about these things" then I’m sorry to correct you again. I do realize Greg jokes a lot. Especially on his main channel. I couldn’t care less about that. I strongly dislike his comedy but that’s just my opinion. But still, even if he isn’t always serious he still conveys a message that is definitely serious.

So what is the point you want to convey? Am I not allowed to criticize Greg because he cracks a bunch of jokes on his main channel? I don’t know if this was your point, but if it was, I think anyone could spend all day criticizing his comedy if they wanted to. Comedy isn’t immune to criticism. That’s bullshit. Nothing is immune to criticism. In Greg’s little banana kingdom, “comedy!” is what he can shout to rid himself of any responsibility for his actions and words. I don’t share that point of view so I don’t care about that at all. It’s a cheap way for him to not having to take responsibility for anything he does and to manipulate his fans into thinking they can’t criticize what he says and does.  

If I would pretend all his Speaks videos didn’t exist though, his comedy still tells me all I need to know about him to know I never want to be anything like him.

You see,

No one would sit on their ass and make money off of mocking a young girl’s suicide without somewhere in their messed up thoughts finding that an actually appropriate thing to do.

No on would sit on their ass and make money off of mocking the death of 3000 people and the suffering of all their loved ones without somewhere in their messed up thoughts finding that an acceptable thing to do.

Even though I don’t often talk about his comedy as much as other things, I think his comedy reflects his views and I definitely see it as fair ground for criticism. I have no problem criticizing his comedy if I find I want to. It’s not the act of him cracking jokes I would criticize, it’s the content of his words. I never watch his main channel videos so I rarely actually do criticize them but comedy is subjective and not everyone will find his comedy funny and they have every right to express those thoughts. The “comedy is subjective” argument goes both ways.

Sorry, I’ve wrote yet another long post. If you want to explain what you actually meant with your post, feel free to get back at me. I don’t know if I come off as a bit annoyed, I’m definitely not. At least not at you at all. You were perfectly civil with your ask and I appreciate that you took the time to send it to me, even though I don’t really get what the point was, but I think that’s on me and not you. Also, it’s cool you’re off anon, it’s nice to actually see who I’m talking to :)