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Onision Drama turned 3 today!

Onision Drama turned 3 today!

Anonymous asked: PLEASE someone tell me why the fuck Gerg has a premium-for-life deviantart account. He doesn't have a creative bone or nerve in his body yet there are some amazingly talented artists out there who deserve it much more than he does. He makes me sick, honestly.

He most likely bought it, or possibly a fan may have bought it for him? Not sure how that works.

If anyone’s interested: http://onision.deviantart.com/gallery/?catpath=/

floortjahh asked: Hi, I have, after half a year of watching Onision, realised I think he's a douche. There are some videos I still like of him but in general I think he's really offensive. Half a year ago I was a serious fan (I am ashamed of that but too late) and I also shared Onision related things on my blog. What I dislike however is how much I was attacked for reblogging a gif with him in it. I agree he's a bad person but why should you start harassing me for it? I'm sure your blog would never do such things

:/ Sorry to hear that. 

If anyone reading is sending hate to people’s blogs just because they say something positive about Onision, please stop. You’re not helping anyone.

An analysis of the onion’s behavior

Onision was popular in 2008 and a couple years after that because of his controversial views about diet. His extreme videos attracted people… it’s well-known that YouTube viewers generally enjoy watching people rant, whether they are agreeing with them or laughing at them. His popularity began to drop when he turned his channel into shitty comedy videos revolving around throwing up and screaming, and his Speaks channel into giving calm and even somewhat liberal advice. He realized that this was not working for him, so he made his videos edgier and edgier until, yet again, bizarre and controversial videos were the norm. All Onision’s doing is trying to claw his way back up the hill, because he knows all that matters is views — he’s made it clear that he doesn’t give a shit about his subscribers, so why else would he make videos? The money! It’s impossible to say whether he’s really as oblivious or ignorant as he appears to be in his videos. He’s back to shoving ridiculous statements down his viewers’ throats because he knows it garners attention, views, and thus ad revenue. Maybe he’ll get desperate enough to start bashing meat-eaters again. Who knows… just some thoughts to consider.

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Anonymous asked: Why does everyone abbreviate names (e.g.: Skye= Sk or Shiloh=Sh)?

To hide their identities I believe. 

Anonymous asked: Is there a way to contact YouTube to have them look into terminating onision's account?

It’s been done time and time again. They don’t care. There were petitions and everything.

The only thing I’ve ever seen done by YouTube against Onision is when he had a video removed for bullying in the past.. but they gave it back to him because he gave the excuse he was “just joking”. It was a “roast” about a specific YouTuber.. don’t remember who though.

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure someguy or Stevie is the one the email was to - and he asked her if he could put it online and I think she gave the ok.

I thought that as well, but I wasn’t 100% sure.

Anonymous asked: Making fun of people cause of their accents is not cool. Onion though does not give a shit. A good friend of mine from france had to switch schools cause kids bullied him relentlessly cause his accent was still distinct. Also Onion the whole inbred comments about brits wtf? Just cause someone talks differently does not mean they suck.

florky-the-strawberry asked: Considering the idiots at vidcon banned you, do you ever present opportunities for your fans to meet you?


I think I’m just generally done with public events. I just don’t like being around the mass majority of people.